Chủ Nhật, 25 tháng 9, 2016


We were born in life not to enjoy nor to gossip and to play...but to devote all our lives to human society and eventually even the whole world !
Be an useful person for society and never be a beastly guy in this life !
Always care for the other persons and don't be selfish only to think about yourself ! 
Be an awfully noble person to bring real happiness for everybody in this ephermeral and temporary life and help them with money if getting....even if only a bit, that's your mercy Lord Sakya Muni had taught us before he returned to Heaven ! How noble and great those affairs are in this life !
Eventually , be hearted to help the poor in life !
Really forget yourself to think of anybody around you living in misery ! Really love and care for homeless guys, loveless persons wandering in the streets , on the walksides daily ! Help moneyless guys sleeping in the parks.....What a pity for miserable guys !
And Sakya Muni Buddha's teachings may be the gold advice for Lord's disciples formerly over 2.600 years ago so that we would return to the paradize together with Lord Amita Buddha in Maximally Happy Western Heaven after dying in this univerve and to begin a quite new life in Paradize in the future and to live there forevermore , maximally happily and peacefully together with Lord Amita
That was what Lord promised He would receive and bring anybody home to his Buddhist place if somebody could believe on his miracle !
And Lord said that He wouldn't miss anybody as He promised !
And He said more if He couldn't do that , He could swear He wouldn't be a Buddha anylonger !

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