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Hi you
Huyền Trân, where are you ? my princess !
Missing you very much and loving you more than anything in this life
Talking with you always makes me feel happier than ever because you are a wonderful lady ,a great lady in my eyes.
You are a cool streamline of heart that I need water to drink while being thirsty
You are an extremely fascinating garden of flowers so that I admire , extol and apppreciate like fragrant roses which are very enchanting with endless attraction that I could not express in human languages
You are the great ,cool and mysterious shadow to cover my life in the paradize of the universe
You are the starry sky by night where I always need the moonlight and miraculous stars spreading everywhere on Earth the same as the marvellous treasure in the world of love that no pen could describe elaborately
you are a fragrant and fantastic rose which's overfilled with strange attractiveness and very difficult to understand like stars with plenty of mysteries in night sky.
you are everything of a mysterious world for all the worlds with a lot of miracles from
the faraway paradize and being a miraculous and great creature living secretly on the planet that nobody could discover this marvel but me !
you are a precious flower of the kinds of roses in bloom twinkling at sunrise when the beams begin to appear in the immense space where the sunlight's spreading wonderfully and prodigiously like the myths in the universe which are extremely mysterious with your mystic grace and strange attraction.
And that's your fascination, you have charmed me since I met you so that I could compose the most wonderful and attractive poems of love in the world which made
everybody's hearts feel touching and very impressed for them because of my poems.
For that reason, sincerely thank you so much , I always appreciate you and affectionately sending you all my love and my gratitude for now and forever.....
you are exact to be a cool streamline to console and comfort sorrows in my frozen heart from thousands centuries in the invisible place of the world of thought
you are a marvellous star of the stars twinkling in the sky of the mystery at night that
nobody could discover but me because you are exact to be my poetry lady so that I can write thousands pages of love poetry which will be eternal and I could not express marvellously from the bottom of your heart which's a world and plenty of mysteries the same as the wonderful sceneries from the bottom of the sea where humankind are managing to dicover the world which looks very mystic,strange and attractive.
you are the endless source of my heart, being my soul and the breath for my poetry.
you are the nonstop pleasure of my own in this life and being the endless source of
my poetry
you are the sweet streamline which's flooding in my little heart because I could not understand you, a world of mystery, that is, the world of the ladies and because you are an outstanding and strange creature living on earth.
you are a fantastic world from the distance with plenty of excitement,fascination and sweet to have made me get the most romantic poems of love in the world which's up with sorows and that's you, you made me forget me all the pains and sadness in living rapidly for your great presence and because your miraculous and wonderful beauty made me feel crazy with briliant sheen,from that, I have always and continually composed eternal love poems so that my poems of love may forever remain in the universe with the endless time later...
you are a soul for my love songs and therefore, I can't helping getting you in living because you are very necessary for me to compose wonderful poems of love which may be eternal with the time for the future generation to cogitate and think about us, a very wonderful couple of lovers through poetry online,and it's true but not true and
illusive but not illusive. and it's very fantastic to say so !
Hence, you are the soul of my poetry
you are something extremely significant and important for me to get the most romantic poems of love for everybody to relax in leisure time after daily hard work and to have great moments of peace of mind,and everybody may have to thank you so much but not to thank me !
Frankly and lovingly yours and all my love to you, my poetry lady.Huyền Trân, my princess .

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