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Đây là một bài thơ Cung Trầm Vũ Lang viết bằng tiêng Anh và dịch ra tiếng Việt bằng thơ lục bát 


Former love affair was nowadays ended
sad love story will forever remain painful
alone, solitary, blue
separated in that day, morose drops of separation
knowing you were,now, so faraway
at midnight,waking up, i moan with myself
love's the water drops twinkling
fog drops in the early morning, let me be lonely
dreams were now so vague
tear drops smelted into stone, my sadness was upto the horizon
you are now as faraway as thousand trees
turn into tear stream flooding with plenty of regret
darling' i was so gloomy
missing you eternally, the streets were getting desolated
love's an evening
hundreds times to love, thousands times to miss, becoming lone and painful
sorrows in humanlife
entering the religion's an origine of happiness, love's the ties of sufferings......!!!
knowing you were now married
darling ,forever, cold with pillow and blanket
love's now faded up
you are happy witn new love, and hurt my feeling
love's suffering and loan
being the rain with wind, being full up with pain and regret
missing you, tear flooding, secretly weeping
regretting for you made tears fall down like the rain
love's thousands poems
crying by you, not knowing when we shall meet each other again
mising you all long night
the night after night, thinking of tomorrow, cold.....!!!

translating into vietnammese ( dich ra tieng viet) the poems written above as follow :


chuyen tinh xua gio day da het
chuyen tinh buon muon thuo con dau
mot minh quanh que xanh xao
chia ly ngay ay giot sau ly tan
biet em gio da ngut ngan
nua dem thuc giac minh than voi minh
tinh la giot nuoc lung linh
giot suong buoi som de minh co don
uoc mo gio da chap chon
le tan thanh da noi buon chan may
em gio xa tit ngan cay
tan thanh suoi le voi day tiec thuong
em oi ! anh da chan chuong
nho em muon kiep pho phuong quanh hiu
tinh yeu la mot buoi chieu
tram thuong nghin nho tieu dieu xot xa
don dau trong kiep nguoi ta
tu la coi phuc tinh la day oan ( nguyen du )
biet em gio da lay chong
em oi muon kiep lanh lung goi chan
tinh yeu gio da phai tan
em vui duyen moi lam tan long nay
tinh yeu la day thuong vay
la mua la gio la day thuong tam
nho em le dam khoc tham
tiec em nuoc mat chan dam nhu mua
tinh yeu la van loi tho
khoc em anh khoc bao gio gap nhau?
nho em suot ca dem dai
dem dem nghi den ngay mai lạnh lùng.......!!!

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