Chủ Nhật, 22 tháng 1, 2017


1/ I find you have capacity of speaking English fairly fluently , well but not prefectly about pronunciation but only speaking a little incorectly about intonation and international phonetic symbol . And about grammar, you could master partly !( a part) I am very glad for you !
Worthy-praising and Well-spoken ! I glorify you because you are really a wonderful lady of having a lot of energy and bravery and afford to struggle for your life for your profession to surpass yourself and to advance forwards nonstop when always try your best to attain the goal that you want to aim at in the future ! 
Frankly speaking, you are a lady of having plenty of bravery to live independantly and not to be a slave for anybody in your job because you can live and worry for yourself ,by yourself without help from anybody as you said ! Well-done ! Having mettle ! I do extol you , compliment you for your nonstop struggle to go up for yourself without support from your divorced husband who's beastly (meastly)not to do anything good to help you nourish your two kids ! And you are very confident to live, to work by yourself and to foster your two lovely children ! How bravery and hardy you are ! And being a bright and brillillant mirror for mothers to imitate you, one of the greatest young mothers in the world !
The story like that ! I finished speaking ! Now, comes your turn ! I really want to hear you show something to me for joy ! Truthfully delare the deepest thing from your bottom of heart ! Don't be a mistery woman ! because I esteem the 
sincerity because the truthful words can increase the value of your quality for yourself and for anbody in society and to be admired in living and all the people will always admire you as a female angel in this life , although, this living's only an ephemeral one and it will go by ...and nothing can exist in this short life, on earth ,because, the time built up all, and then, it will also extinguish all later ! Alas !  Thinking about that, How sad I am really !
And now, please give an oppinon for my commentary today ! I am listening to you ! Please, pronounce so clearly about anything you mean.....Here I am and listening to you show together with me special student...and being a director ...a graduate from an university of English . And you get me to complete you about pronunciation according to American voice more exactly and I promise you I will accomplish great mission that you believed confided to me ! 
I will try my best to say to you : "Mission will be completed as you desired and longed"in your heart ! 
Thank you so much because you believed on me and put belief on capacity of teaching !
2/ Allow me to ask you more ! From today on, you still continue in your teaching career with position as a director for an English Center as now or you will change career to step into a new 
work to become a businesswoman ? 
Do you have ambition to be a celebrator in the world ? Why ?
Please, tell me about your desire and advantage when you step into this field ? In your thinking ?
I will always pray God to bless you a lot of favors in living ! and wish you to reap the best performances that you have ever wished brillianly sucessfully and more and more beautifully during your life.....forever  and will always be a happy lady as 
lucky star.....on eath !

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